YOUR CONSULTANT IS Angela & John Phillips

My Story

WELCOME SCENTSY LOVER (or... Scentsy Newbie?) Pre-Scentsy, I was looking for an alternative to candles.  I really wanted my house smelling great but it seems like everything I was using wasn't doing to the trick.  I started disliking candles because of the smell of the smoke once I blew it out, as well as, the fire risk.  Having to run around to blow out the candles before going to bed or leaving the house had become a hassle - I had SO MANY CANDLES just to scent up the house!! John and I were pretty excited to go to our first Scentsy party.  We heard about Scentsy but never actually went to a party to see what it is all about. I purchased the System Companion System, a nightlight, warmer, and 3 scents (french kiss, love story, and clean breeze).  Once I got my order, I completely fell in LOVE with it! I remember pluging the warmer in the kitchen and going into the bedroom.  About 15 minutes later, I walked out of the room and was thinking Oh my! I can smell it from HERE!  I have NEVER experienced something like this before!!!  Soo.. needless to say, I bought a lot.. like, really a lot. :) My first party was a huge success, and so was my second.  I enjoy this way too much!  When people say having a party is the way to go, it really is! I received over $300 in products for around $20!  I received this reward on both of my parties.. $600 products for $40 - HECK YEAH! Don't ever miss the chance to have a party, you're missing out on some fun!  I enjoyed it too much, so I signed up a few weeks after my second party.  I'm a August baby!  The transition month's are the best to join, you get more bang for your buck. I could not ask to join Scentsy at a better time; because, 3 months later my husband was laid off.  Having this extra income coming in has been a great help in paying the bills and making ends meet.  I'm truly blessed to be with a company that introduces me to new (awesome) people and help fill the monitary gap while my husband looks for a better job!  In July 2014, I went on my very first incentive trip!  That's right! I earned an incentive trip!  All expense paid to the Scentsy Family Reunion and I had a BLAST!!!!  It was such a great experience to meet consultants and never had to worry about a thing!  Didn't stress over the flight, the hotel, food money - NO WORRIES!  In July 2015, John and I went on our 2nd incentive trip - VEGAS BABY!  Woohoo!  It was such an experience that I know I would never have been able to make it happen if it wasn't for Scentsy.  In June 2016, John and I went to DISNEY WORLD! FOR FREE!  This was a huge thing for John, too! He has been wanting to go there since he was a kid and now he can finally scratch that off of his bucket list! At the end of May 2016, I finally closed the doors to the corporate workplace to work Scentsy full time.  Oh yeah, you read that right!  This chick right here no longer has to work for somebody because she works for herself!!! Being a part of the Scentsy family has really brought a new focus and drive into my life.  I have an amazing team that have been so successful, not only with their business, but their own teams!  I have met some amazing women (and men!) that love Scentsy just as much as I do!  I have reconnected with old family and friends, too!  I could not have asked to join this family at a better time and it has helped me acheive my personal and financial goals!  Words just can not describe what a true blessing it has been since I've joined.  I would love you for you be apart of my team, so you can experience this sense of rush that I get when I meet customers and other consultants. It's amazing!